Key Features:

  • Offers large variety of applications and specification requirements.
  • Ensures safety of electricians and consumers in both domestic and industrial applications.
  • Convenient for installation and wiring.
  • Circuit identification labels are affixed near MCB cut-outs.
  • Designer Double Door with removable front plate.
  • Removable front door sub assembly to facilitate accessibility to MCBs, Isolators and other devices.
  • Decorative Corners on Front Door.
  • Magnetic Door Lock.
  • Cement spill protector.
  • Level marks for providing indication for fitment in wall.
  • Adequate number of Knockouts on both top and bottom gland plates.
  • DetachableGland plates for ease of wiring.
  • Fabricated out of special grade CRCA sheet steel that provide long life.
  • Epoxy powder coated, pre-treated by 8-tank phosphating for long life of corrosion protection.
  • Large Earth and Neutral Terminals.
  • Current carrying parts are made out of brass for good conductivity thus low temperature rise.
  • Transparent door facilitates monitoring MCB condition whether ON / OFF or Tripped.

Product Details:

Product Distribution Board
Range Mag Series
Application Power Distribution
Consumer Safety
Double Door
Colour(Selectable) Cool Grey Fine / Dark Grey Era White
Product consists of Detachable Gland Plates , Detachable Inner Door (Fixed with Screws) , Hinged Outer Door , Sliding Door Lock
Door Earthing , Din Rail Earth Link , Neutral Link , Insulated Copper Bus Bar
Type of Mounting Flush
Transparent window on Front Door (Optional) with Transparent window , without Transparent window
Number of Ways SPN: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 18, 20
TPN: 4, 6, 8, 12
No. Of Ways Cat.No. (SPN Double Door DB) Cat.No. (TPN Double Door DB)
4 GBT0220 GBT0227
6 GBT0221 GBT0228
8 GBT0222 GBT0229
10 GBT0223 --
12 GBT0224 --
16 GBT0225 --